Frequently Asked Questions

What can Acupuncture treat?
It is believed that Traditional Acupuncture may be of help in the treatment of many painful conditions such as: low back pain, headaches, migraine, joint disorders, gastric problems, fibromyalgia, sciatica and some muscular pain. It is thought to be of value in the treatment of stress related conditions and some minor mental health issues. Many couples have found acupuncture helpful as a support for IVF treatment and general fertility issues. Some women have found acupuncture helpful for certain menstrual disorders and problems associated with the menopause and peri menopause. You can also choose to use this form of treatment if you are attempting to give up smoking, and or needing assistance with weight management and control. Acupuncture can be used effectively along side any conventional medicines and will not interfere with the treatments being prescribed by your G.P or Consultant. However, there are some things Acupuncture cannot treat, so please do call for further information or take advantage of my FREE 30 minute consultation process.

How safe is acupuncture ?
Acupuncture is very safe when carried out by a properly trained acupuncturist. All the needles I use are single use, sterilised, and disposable.... so no needles are re-used. Acupuncture is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy.

Are there any side effects ?
The main side effect is a profound sense of relaxation. Patients often fall asleep during their treatment. The worst thing that can happen is some occasional bruising that may occur after treatment. After the first diagnostic and treatment some patients recall feeling quite tired for several hours. This can often be attributed to the emotional release experienced.

Will it hurt ?
Every patient has a different experience of the needles. Having said that, even the most sensitive of patients say it doesn’t actually hurt. You will of course feel a slight prickling sensation as the needle is inserted. This is often followed by a feeling of heaviness in the limb, or a slight ache which passes very quickly.

What happens at my first appointment ?
Your first appointment may take up to two hours. I will want to take detailed notes about every aspect of your health, not just the problem you will have come in for. You will be asked questions about your diet, lifestyle, exercise programmes, sleep patterns, bowel habits, and any previous health or medical problems. I will listen carefully not only to what you say, but also the way that you say it, the expressions that you use, and the emotions that you express. I will listen to your pulse on both wrists and also look at your tongue. This tells me how your body is working internally. Once I have this information we can begin your first treatment with needles. This first treatment is usually a gentle treatment during which you will be constantly monitored to see how you respond to needles and the treatment. I will then work further on your diagnosis and tailor an individual programme to meet your needs.

How many treatments will I need ?
Following your traditional diagnosis I will recommend a course of treatment. This may be between 5 and 12 sessions depending on the nature of your complaint, and how well you respond to treatment. Generally sessions are weekly or twice weekly. Patients being treated for pain relief such as frozen shoulders or sciatic pain often need more frequent treatments to start off with. IVF patients often need more treatments at key points in the cycle.

How much will it cost ?
Most prices in the region are fairly similar. Members of the British Acupuncture Council work to a code of ethics and do not wish to undercut each other. I currently charge £60 for the the initial consultation and first treatment. Back up treatments are £38. I offer some concessions to certain members of the public, The Armed Forces and The Police. All concessions are at my discretion and may be withdrawn at any time.

Can I get acupuncture on the NHS ?
It is possible to obtain some acupuncture on the NHS however, this is usually very limited. You will not receive NHS acupuncture for fertility issues, IVF support, depression or anxiety disorders.



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